Have questions? Please ask!

We pride ourselves on the level of education that we have given our employees and how we are able to pass that education on to our customers. People have a lot of questions about CBD, and we are happy to do our best to answer them all.

Here are some common ones we hear about daily:

What is CBD and how can it help my "insert problem here?"

CBD is one extract from the cannabis plant, and has been shown to help a variety of ailments in the human body through the regulation of the endocannabinoid system. CBD can be taken in a variety of different forms, varying both by personal preference and desired effect.

What different types of CBD products are there?

We pride ourselves on carrying a large variety of products to suit everyone's preferences. Our hemp flower is the flagship product offering in the “smoking and vaping” section of products. Smoking or vaping is the fastest way to get cbd in your system, which is very effective for things such as panic attacks or PTSD. The second fasted way to get CBD in your system is sublingual, or under the tongue. This method is attained with the use of tincture, or oil. Lastly, there are the digested forms of cbd, such as gummies, capsules, or water soluble products (coffee, tea, other foods, etc.) There are so many offerings in this category, we are sure to find one to suit your taste. Last but not least are the topicals. This includes everything from the pain creams and roll-on liquids to the bath bombs and soaps. These are used for everything from muscle and joint pain to skin moisturizing and relaxation, depending on strength and delivery method.

Will CBD cure my “problem?”

CBD has been shown to help with so many different things it blows me away. But the answer to this question is tricky. CBD can help with some things, and it can solve some problems, but it largely depends on the issue at hand. Will it help lessen the inflammation in your joints due to arthritis? If taken properly yes. Will it fix your torn rotator cuff and prevent surgery? No. We hear stories every day from people telling us about their problems and how cbd has helped them, but every person is different. Taking one from of cbd is different from another, and it requires a good team (us) to be able to point you to the right product for you and how to properly use it.

I’ve used CBD before from the gas station, grocery store, etc…..and it didn’t do anything? What makes your stuff any different?

First of all, bring in the packaging from your cbd product. We want to see it. Maybe it is a very small dosage per serving and nobody educated you on how much to take, maybe it is not from a reputable company with 3rd party testing, maybe it isn’t even what it claims to be. We see these issues a lot, and more times than not the poor results people get are due to a lack of knowledge. The amount of CBD each person needs if different, so if you buy that tincture that is 5mg per serving and only take it once a day, it may work for you while your friend may need 100mg per day. Come talk to us and bring your old stuff with you.