Halloween Exclusive Ole Tyme Extracts THCA 2pk Prerolls

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Ole Tyme Extracts Presents: Halloween Exclusive THCA 2-Pack Prerolls

Spooky Season's Premier Cannabis Experience

Dive into a Halloween experience like no other with Ole Tyme Extracts' brand-new, exclusive range of prerolls. Hand-crafted and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, these prerolls are the epitome of both festivity and quality. Each pack, with its haunting aesthetics, houses two 1-gram prerolls, masterfully rolled and ready to set the ambiance for your All Hallows' Eve.

Meet the Haunting Trio:

Gravedigger OG - Sativa

Unearth an energetic experience with Gravedigger OG. Tailored for those seeking a vibrant burst, it's the sativa pick-me-up perfect for a night of Halloween revelry.


  • Energetic Essence: Ideal for daytime use or an evening get-together.
  • Aromatics: A unique blend that combines earthy undertones with a subtle citrus kick.

Strawberry Spectre - Hybrid

The ethereal blend of Strawberry Spectre is both enchanting and balanced. It ensures a seamless transition from lively laughter to relaxed conversations.


  • Harmonized Experience: Perfect equilibrium of energy and relaxation.
  • Fruity Whiffs: A tantalizing strawberry aroma complemented by herbal notes.

Dank Crypt - Indica

Sink into the depths of relaxation with Dank Crypt. Crafted for those evenings when you want to wind down and embrace the chill of October nights.


  • Soothing & Calm: Ideal for end-of-day use or a calm night in.
  • Rich Profile: A deep, earthy aroma with hints of sweet pine.

Why Choose Our Halloween Exclusive THCA Prerolls?

  • Compliant & Quality-Assured: Derived from hemp and abiding by the 2018 Farm Bill standards, ensuring you're enjoying the best without compromise.
  • Potent Experience: With a 25% THCA concentration, the effects are profound and lasting.
  • Limited-Edition: Exclusively available for the Halloween season. A collectible for enthusiasts and a delightful treat for the occasional user.

Celebrate Halloween the Ole Tyme Way!

Evoke the spirits of relaxation, energy, or balance, whichever suits your Halloween vibe. Whether you're dancing under the moon or watching horror classics, our Halloween exclusive prerolls from Ole Tyme Extracts are your ideal companions. Elevate your spooky season with every puff! 🎃

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